Thursday, October 15, 2009

Name That Tune (My music therapy)

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I was feeling a little low today… maybe because I have not been doing anything much lately (almost three weeks of bumming). My car is still not fixed and I am stuck at home all the time. So I decided to sing and record my efforts.

It’s really amazing how music have a positive impact in emotions because I felt better afterward.

There's nothing quite like the feeling we get when we give in to the power of music. Music can arouse our emotions and set off our memories. It can help us relax or become energized depending on the sort of beat it has. Music can bring about a lot of emotions and physical condition (mostly good one). But the unquestionable truth is that music has a magnificent healing power.

Doctors during World War II discovered that soldiers who were wounded and in shock, were rehabilitating faster when exposed to music. Hence, over the past few years, researchers spent significant amount of time studying music and its health benefits. Now we have what is called “music therapy”, where music is used in medical practices to cure both physiological and physical conditions.

Furthermore, music therapy has other benefits. You get better memory retention, you become happier, it helps boost appetite, promote positive attitude, etc. There have also been evidences that music can improve the immune system. So all PLWHIV (People Living With HIV) out there, make sure to stay “tuned”

Regardless of its type, music has the capability to stimulate the brain. Therefore, when you listen to music, depending on the type (fast or slow beat), your mind either becomes alert and sharp or calm and relaxed.

The brain respond to the type of music you listen to. Soft and soothing music has a calming effect on your nervous system, which help slows down your breathing and heart rate. This is very helpful in treating, stress, depression and anxiety. That’ is why they use relaxing music during meditation and cooling down exercises in the gym :-D

On the other hand, fast beat music makes the mind more alert and in consequence is very efficient in treating attention deficiency disorder.

Music is very good to be used as diverting the mind, in return, it helps lower down and ease chronic pains.

I remembered back when I was confined in Manila Doctor’s Hospital for drug reaction on the ARV (antiretroviral durgs) I initially took. I was on severe gastric pain that the pain killer that should last for 4-6 hours only stay with me for 45 minutes. What I did, I played music from my mobile phone and listened to it. For some strange reason, it helped me forget the pain I was suffering from.

Considering all the goodness music brings us, don’t be shy to sing in public, when your strolling, commuting, or just waiting on the bench (just make it too annoying for others), or give all you got when you’re in the shower.

Remember, music is food for the brain.

TGM signing the fist part of the song

“Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”

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Angelo said...

whoa!!! naks naman! :)

The Green Man said...

Hi Gelo :-D

Hahaha! Ano masasabi mo?


dabo said...

i agree. minsan nadadala ako when i sing 'love don't cost a thing' ni jlo in unti unti din ako nagtatapon ng suot na damit. hahaha. joke.

any way singing and music is indeed a luxury every one could afford.

The Green Man said...

@ Dabo: I can imagine. Hehehe and saya mo siguro tingnan... expecially the part you're taking off your clothes. hahaha!

yup, sing lang ng sing :-D Para happy lagi!

xtian1978ii said...

minsan pag may naalala ako na kanta lalo na ako lang mag-isa napapa-iyak ako hehe weird pero ang dami memories na naibabalik ang kanta

Aris said...

friend, na-in love naman ako sa pagkanta mo! ang galing! favorite ko pa naman yang song na yan. more! :)

The Green Man said...

@ xtian1978ii: Kahit ako, minsan naiiyak ako when I am singing... too much emotions my physical body can bear. But singing is good for the heart and the psyche :-)

@ Aris: Hehehe. Gusto ko na rin ma-on-love friend. I have so much to give pero nobody to give it too. haaay :-D

I am in the process of this (self-imposed)music therapy. So make sure to stay tuned :-)

Anonymous said...

there is this one CD that i always listen to whenever i feel the need to go emo. sometimes i just close the door and sing my heart out until i forget why i was emo in the first place. i guess that's my therapy. :)

and i think that's "nothing's gonna change my love for you", haha.

The Green Man said...

Hi Max: Share mo naman yang CD na ya!

Anonymous said...

@TGM: JLP ni alanis. ;)