Sunday, October 4, 2009

DOH HIV & AIDS update as of August 2009

The Department of Health through its National Epidemiology Center reported 61 HIV cases for August 2009, a 49% increase compared to the same period last year. The total number of HIV infection for 2009 alone (January to August) accounts for 493 cases. This month's reported infections bring the total number of HIV cases in the Philippines to 4,082 since January 1984.

The age of the infected Filipinos ranges from 20-54 with males males having the majority of the cases (92%). Ten (10) reported HIV infections for this month were young Filipinos age 15-24, half the number of cases as compared to last month's 21 cases. Of all the cases, majority (34 cases or 56%) were from Metro Manila, the country's National Capital Region.

All of the cases, except three with no data given, were infected through sexual contact. The predominant mode of sexual contact was through men having sex with men (72%). Four of the 61 infections were reported as AIDS cases. No death was reported.

[Source: Department of Health]




Herbs D. said...

one word: SCARE-EE

The Green Man said...

Hi Herbs: It only becomes scary when we don't have enough knowledge about it. Come to think of it, this figures have two repercussions...

1. The nuber of HIV infceted individuals is raising...


2. HIV educational and prevention program is working its purpose that people are becoming aware and getting themselves tested.

Either way, it is best to have and open mind and always stay on the safe side.

Thanks for the comment buddy :-D

Tristan Tan said...

The fact that a portion of those infected already had full-blown AIDS is definitely alarming and highlights the fact that everyone needs to be tested as early as possible.

I commend you for taking on this advocacy. Hope to meet you when I go home next year.

Cheers, T

The Green Man said...

Hi T,

What you said is indeed true. It's sad to learn that down here in the Philippines, a lot of people don't get tested even though they know they're into risky activities... they're afraid of stigma and the truth.

But we're making progress naman.

See you when you get home. Make sure to let me know ha?


xtian1978ii said...

It's never too late to practice safe sex. It's very alarming, the increasing rate grabe.

Knoxxy said...