Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Classmate Thought I Was Deaf

I missed my Filipino Sign Language (FSL) class last Saturday because I went out of town and the the first session was canceled due to typhoon Ondoy’s visit. Therefore, today is officially my first day in class :-D

I arrived early in school but wasn't able to come in class on time. That’s because they changed the class room and I was waiting in a different room. Good thing I saw my good Deaf friend R and told me where my class was.

So I was late, I started apologizing and relating to my teacher how I early and waited and how I was guided to the room where they were. I introduced my self to the class… and I did all of this signing.

I must admit, I am very rusty with my signing ability since I don't' get to hang with my Deaf friends anymore. Everyone just seem so busy nowadays. But I didn’t realize how conversant I was using sign language, until one of my classmates asked my teacher if I am Deaf and if I was sitting in the class to observe.

I felt proud that my classmates thought I was Deaf (you will understand what I mean if you've experienced being the only hearing person in a group of Deaf girls and guys). However, I need to practice FSL more since I got used to using ASL (American Sign Language) and it is confusing my classmates.

I had a fun day but a bit consumed, hence the short entry. I will share more stories about my FSL class soon.


tim said...

even with out reading you will know what it means.. hehehe

The Green Man said...

Hi Tim: Yeh, but not all the time... sign language is complex :-D

dabo said...

it getting cooler here every visit! cheers!!

wala ako ma-icomment but i enjoy reading.

Rcyan M. said...

sometimes, the best form of communication is that which does not require spoken words.