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Astro Boy, the thinking, caring robot with a heart and soul

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Anybody heard of Astro Boy?

If you were born between 1960 and 1990 (hey! I am not that old!), you will definitely have a good acquaintance with this wonderful character. Astro Boy is the thinking, caring robot with a heart and soul (the second , I know , was Vicky of “Small Wonder”).

Back then we (me, my bro and sis) all look forward to each Saturday on Chanel 7's Saturday fun machine, which include the Wuzzles, Gummi Bears and of course Astro Boy! I remember after each episode of Astro Boy, they give a preview of the next episode (which is the following Saturday) with the "title". My siblings and I made an agreement that we will remember the title of the next episode and it'll be the password to gain entry to the only bedroom we all share in the house where the television is located. Whoever forgets the title will be locked out and shall not be permitted to see that day's series.

But there is a twist, after the next episode's title has been broadcasted, everyone should memorize it (mentally, bawal isulat sa papel) and shall not talk about it the entire week. Sounds easy? Not really. This is a challenging task for kid no older than 8. Anyone breaking this only rule shall have the unfortunate consequence of not gaining access to the almighty bedroom. Amazing how determined kids are... None of us were left out and everyone was able to remember all 104 titles of the episodes, of course one after the other. Talk about fanatics :-D

Astro was the brain child of Osamu Tezuka. The guy often reputed as “God of Manga."

Astro Boy is the first Japanese television series that exemplify the aesthetic that eventually became known as anime (but he originated as a manga character back in 1952).

Astro Boy was first broadcast in Japan from 1963 to 1966. The story is about the adventures of a fantastic robot named Astro Boy (and other characters within the story). The series was so successful that it was remade in the 1980s as Shin Tetsuwan Atomu, known as Astro Boy in the United States and other countries.

Now that Astro boy has become an icon, Imagi Studios and Summit Entertainment made a computer-animated 3-D film based on this original manga series by Tezuka. It will come out in theaters on October 23, 2009.



In the year 2000, robot technology has advanced to an astounding level. Robot workers are common, and can be found performing duties in virtually every occupation around the world, from factory workers, to fireman and even nurses.

Doctor Boyton is the Head for the Ministry of Science. A brilliant professor who is dedicated to his work. For months, Doctor Boyton has been trying to create a new type of robot; A robot with a soul, a robot capable of human emotions. After many failed attempts, his son, Toby, suggests that his father creats a "boy robot". Inspired by his son's idea, Doctor Boyton re-launches his research with new found enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, Doctor Boyton's obsession with his research causes him to miss alot of time with Toby. After breaking too many fatherly promises, Toby runs away from home and is tragically killed in a car accident. Doctor Boyton, driven mad by his grief, goes on to secretly complete his robot with a soul in the likeness of his son.

This robot, is AstroBoy. A thinking, caring robot with a heart and soul.

Living with his newly built parents "Mum" and "Dad" his sister Uran and his dog Jump, AstroBoy lives his life as normal and happily as he can. He goes to school and has made many friends along the way. However having the abilities that he does, it is sometimes hard to stay out of trouble. Especially after he finds out that he has a brother by the name of Atlas, who has a hatred for humans and the way they treat the robots of the world. Using this hatred, Atlas tries to eliminate the human race.

AstroBoy, along with Doctor Elefun, are sometimes asked to lend a hand to help where they can. This can lead them into catastrophe and peril. Although with a lot of effort and a bit of luck, they manage to make it through in the end. Most of the time.




Astro's eyes also double as powerful search lights, allowing him to see in any situation.

Astro's ears are able to magnify his hearing by 1000 times, allowing him to hear great distances.

Astro's index fingers house powerful lazers capable of cutting through almost any surface.

Astro's arms and legs are both able to transform into rocket jets allowing him to fly.

Astro's hips house a powerful machine gun. Although technically in his hips, the way Astro is animated makes it appear as though the guns are coming from his backside.




Doctor Boyton, Father of Toby and head of the Ministry of Science. When Toby was killed in a car accident, Boyton created Astroboy in his son's likeness and raised him as his own child. This causes him to lose his position at the Ministry of Science, and so he and Astro go away together on an ocean cruise where they become separated during and ice burg emergency.

Most memorable for his big nose, Doctor Elefun becomes the head of the Ministry of Science after Doctor Boyton is fired. Elefun rescues Astro from the Robot Circus and takes him back to Japan. Elefun takes care of Astro until he is able to constrcut a family for him.

Daddy Walrus, Astro's school teacher, and a good friend of Doctor Elefun. His real name is Albert Duncan, but everyone calls him Daddy Walrus.

Astro's parents were built by Doctor Elefun as a family for Astro. They don't have names, they are simply called "Mum" and "Dad".

Uran is Astro's sister, created as a prestent by Doctor Elefun. She is a very lively and mischievous girl, often getting herself and her brother into a lot of trouble.

Jump was Toby's pet dog. After Toby was killed, Jump found it difficult to accept Astro as his new master. But in time, they grew to be close friends, and Jump now lives happily with Astro and his family.

Atlas is Astro's arch-enemy. He was created a short time after Astro, when the plans for him were stolen from the Ministry of Science. Atlas lives in the Crystal Castle with Livian, who later discovers that they were both made from the same plans, making Atlas and Astro brothers.

Livian is Atlas' companion, although she is not evil like him. Livian has alerted Astro many times of Atlas' plans, and is the one to discover that Astro and Atlas are brothers.

Guiss is an evil scientist and the original creator of Atlas and Livian. He stole the plans for Astro from the Ministry of Science, and used them to create Atlas. Only he included the "Omega Factor" in Atlas, which made him capable of evil deeds. Atlas later rebelled from his master and rebuilt himself to be more powerful than ever.

Skunk is an escaped criminal, one of the most wanted in all Japan. Skunk and Astro have crossed paths many time, and Skunk is determined to destroy him for having foiling his evil schemes so many times.

Mandrake the fourth. Son, of the son, of the son, of the infamous Mandrake the first. His motto in life is simple, "to get everything he wants".

Inspector Gumshoe is head of the Tokyo Police Department. A dedicated police officer who is always eagar to get his man. Unfortunately, his eagerness often leads him to snap convictions, and he usually ends up arresting Astro.

Chief McClaw is Gumshoe's loyal assistant. Thankfully, he is a little more opened minded than the Inspector and is always on hand to defend our hero.



THEME LYRICS (1980's Colour Series)

Ever wonder what the words to opening or closing credits were? Well here's the lyrics for both the 1980's and 1960's theme songs.

Opening Credits

Soaring high in the sky,

He may be small but only in size.

AstroBoy, AstroBoy,

He is brave and gentle and wise!

Stronger Than all the rest,

this mighty robot will pass the test,

Oh villans fear him, so we cheer him,

The amazing AstroBoy!

When you need someone strong,

Our robot friend will never be long.

AstroBoy, AstroBoy,

He will try to right any wrong!

When there's danger near by,

No matter who, what, where, when or why.

He'll defend us, he'll defend us,

The amazing AstroBoy!

Closing Credits

Come and join us in a melody,

A song of happiness for you and me.

Sing of joy, sing about a boy,

Little hero, AstroBoy!

Come and join us in a fantasy,

We can all be heros, you and me.

Sing of joy, sing about a boy,

Little hero, AstroBoy!

Lighting up the way for all,

For soon he will fight for right,

Strong as steel and with a heart of gold.

Sing of glory,

Pour your heart our,

Your voices will be heard,

And it's raining out with love for all.



EPISODE LIST (English Version)

1. The Birth of Astro Boy

2. Colosso

3. Expedition to Mars

4. The Sphinx

5. Cross Island

6. Grass Boy

7. Zero, the Invisible Robot

8. Silver Comet

9. Hullabaloo Land

10. The Spirit Machine

11. Strange Voyage

12. The Artificial Sun

13. The Deep Freeze

14. One Million Mammoth Snails

15. Gangor the Monster

16. Secret Agent 3-Z

17. The Haunted Ship

18. Time Machine

19. The Cosmic Giant

20. Toxor, the Mist Man

21. Satellite R-45

22. Sea Serpent Isle

23. The Deadly Flies

24. Kingdom of the Sea

25. The Strange Birthday Presents

26. Don Tay's Infernal Machine

27. Pearl People

28. The Wacky Machine

29. Memory Day

30. The Super Duper Robot

31. Mysterious Cosmic Rays

32. The Moon Monsters

33. The Three Magicians

34. The Beast From 20 Fathoms (The Lost Episode)

35. Planet X

36. The Elixir of Life

37. Astro Boy Goes to School

38. The Asteroid Menace

39. The Mysterious Cat

40. The Abominable Snowman

41. Deadline to Danger

42. The Island of Mystery

43. Ditto

44. Cleopatra's Heart

45. The Return of Cleopatra

46. Phantom Space Ship

47. The Gigantic Space Crab

48. The Great Space Horse

49. 3D Tee Vee

50. Westward Ha!

51. Jimbo the Great

52. Snow Lion

53. Dogma Palace

54. The Man-Made Iceberg

55. Vampire Vale

56. The Terrible Tidal Wave

57. The Viking King [aka] Vikings

58. The Devil Doll

59. Dinosaur Dilemma

60. The Clock Tower Mystery

61. The Flower Monster

62. Attack from Space

63. Shipwreck in Space

64. Big Titan

65. Mission to the Middle of the World

66. Inca Gold Fever

67. The Monster Machine

68. The Hooligan Whodunit

69. Funnel to the Future

70. Super Brain

71. A Mighty Minute

72. The Dream Machine

73. The Robot Olympics

74. Dunder Bird of Doom

75. Dolphins in Distress

76. The Mad Beltway

77. The Terrible Time Gun

78. Space Princess

79. Mighty Microbe Army

80. Horrible King Horrid

81. Mystery of Amless Dam

82. Galon From Galaxy

83. The Three Robotiers

84. Brother Jetto

85. Angel of the Alps

86. Magic Punch Card

87. The Great Rocket Robbery

88. Contest in Space

89. Gift of Zeo

90. A Deep Deep Secret

91. The Wonderful Christmas Present

92. Uncharted World

93. Jungle Mystery

94. The Terrible Spaceman

95. The Mighty Mite From Ursa Minor

96. General Astro

97. Mystery of Metalman

98. Super Human Beings

99. Phoenix Bird

100. Menace From Mercury

101. Dangerous Mission

102. Planet 13

103. Prisoners in Space

104. Double Trouble



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red the mod said...

I reminisce my lost child in this one. Manga and anime were my staple entertainment then, before Discovery Channel, NGC and CNN came into my life. Times were simpler, we'd huddle together during weekends only to catch the latest reruns of AstroBoy, Magical Knights and Thundercats.

My weeks would be laid out in books and paperwork, research and the unending struggle to be at the top. Unlike most kids, I was never one to play at the streets or wile away time in front of the tube. My recreation included television, arcade games, making my own paper toys (origami and geometric puzzles I create from scratch) and the occasional role-playing with action figures. Weekends, I am allowed to be the child that I was. What I would give to revisit the uncomplicated and un-jaded bewilderment youth afforded.

The Green Man said...

Hi Red,

I feel the same way... oh how simple life was back then. But you know what, you can always bring it back... just a little mind set and a tweak of positive disposition and you're back as the younger person you were.

Thanks for the insight. See you on your next visit :-D



Haha. Si Astroboy ang batang may rocket sa puwet. :)

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@ CRYLIQUE: hindi naman rocket...armalite!!! Tara Movie tyo!

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who hasn't heard of astro boy? I think every little boy born in the late 70's to early 90's are quite familiar with this kid.

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Hi engle,

Oh trust me I've met a few, mostly latter born, who do not know Astro. Hhihih. Maswerte ang generation natin!!!

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well,i wanna see that movie and avatar too.

hey,thanks for visiting my blog din pala!

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Hi Mac,

Saw the trailer of Avatar and that one is good too!


Anonymous said...

will watch this one when it comes out. :)

and i can't wait for avatar as well. i think i saw an article on the net saying that the guy from slumdog millionare (dev patel) will play prince suko and the guy from twilight who plays jasper hale will play sokka.

Anonymous said...

I love Astroboy!
May cartridge pa nga kami ng Astroboy sa Family Computer before.
Nostalgia at its finest!


The Green Man said...

@ Maxwell5587:
Avatar is another one to look forward to :-) Tara Max, movie night out tayo on Astro Boy!

@ timberboy:
There's another fan over there! Nostalgia indeed. Cheers!

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naabutan ko yata si astroboy pero mashado pa akong bata nun.

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@TGM: sure ba. ;)

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@ Ming: Ok lang yung miming :-D At least nabutan mo sya. hehehe. If you have time you can , I think, watch the eposided in youtube.

@ Max: Oo sure yan! Basta pasok sa time natin pareho. Ang your friends of wourse (if you're planning to bring them :-D)

Anonymous said...

@TGM: just drop me an email when it comes out. :)

red the mod said...

Avatar? Sama ako! At isabay na din ang The Last Airbender at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.