Sunday, October 25, 2009


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I was feeling emotional tonight. I feel like things are a little hazy than I am supposed to see them. In spite of the good people around me and the activities that keep me preoccupied, I still feel poignant and lonesome.

Wanting to find enlightenment, I decided to send my Li’l bro (one of the people I receive so much comfort from… even though I can only come so close to him) a text message and share my “Emo-ment”.

I didn’t need to be comforted, I needed to be told the truth, the reality, that I am not able to see from where I am standing. And the truth was bestowed upon me.

I shall forever remember his insights:

“Each of us has a calling. Baka hindi pa pwede ngayun kasi (it could be it’s not yet time) you have greater things to do.”

“You can’t rush things, focus muna. Love what you do, love yourself for being able to do things. You’re starting to do things you’ve dreamed of doing. If you’re preoccupied with someone, you will be limited on the things you can do… just set it aside until you reach your goal, then you can share it all. For now, you need to focus.”

I know these words came from the heart. Unadorned and sincere.

Thanks Li’l bro.


citybuoy said...

that's really good advice. as your reader, i think you have the capacity to do so much more. wag ka sana panghinaan ng loob. go aja lang ng aja!

Anonymous said...

we all have those moments, don't worry, it's OK to wallow into sadness sometimes.

but it's good that during these times, we have friends that we could share these emo moments with.

take it easy bro!

Anonymous said...

kilala ko ba si li'l bro, well if i guess right, that guy is a miracle.

one time i was about to literally ask that guy to pray for me,

as i was typing my messages, suddenly he texted and informed with a smiley that he is always praying for me.

red the mod said...

Sir, why the sudden change of heart? Why dwell on the downtrodden and sullen when other things give glimpses of a brighter tomorrow? I do hope you find the peace you long for, especially now that things are falling into their poetically auspicious places. Your Lil Bro' has a point. This here is a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, a clean slate to heal what was lost to the tides of fate's uncompromising tempest. Be well, sir.


The Green Man said...

@ citybuoy: Thanks that you think I can do so much more. Thanks for the motivation.

@ Maxwell5587: I don't even want to wallow. hihihi. Yeh, I gree... friends are like Angels, they are there even if you don't see them :-)

@ Anonymous: I am not sure if we are talking of the same person... I don't even know who you are. hhehe. But I must agree, Lil'bro is such an Angel. I could cuddle and kiss him all my life. I will never get tired.

@ Red: I am not having a change of heart... just moods and emotions that hit me when I am not looking. Ima gonna be ok soon. I can feel it.