Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whew! Finally the week has ended

We opened the exhibit last June 12, 2009 displaying prints of a well known American visual artist/ film maker. Amazingly, a lot of people came to grace the opening, considering it’s the Independence Day. We had a really nice crowd with beautiful and important looking guests (some are not just important looking, they are actually significant people).

As usual, we had, fine conversation flowing, happy faces here and there and a fantastic maître d'hôtel service by Cibo di M (The Commissary). I can’t thank Margarita (Fores) enough for the fabulous food and wine and the outstanding service she provide us every time.

To make the night more interesting, I received a visit from three of my good blogger friends: THE WANDERING POLAR BEAR, Toilet Thoughts of a Toxic Mind and wandering commuter. Thank you very much guys for coming. I sincerely appreciate the support. We open exhibits every month and hope you could visit to see each shows. You can also send me your personal emails so I can include you on my mailing list.

June 13, 2009. We were all the North Wing Gallery at the Museum of the Filipino People (The National Museum of the Philippines) doing the same usual things we do. But last night was lighter than what we had in the galley the other evening and this one lasted quicker.
The exhibit of this famous American visual artist/ film maker will run in the gallery until July 5, 2009 and July 30 in the National Museum. I can’t advertise here in details yet… maybe in due time… If you’re interested, just visit the three bloggers aforementioned and ask them where the gallery, what the show is about, etc. (that should give them enough page visits and hits…heheh. I just hope they’d return the gesture. Hehehe).

I have concluded harassing brokers and custom personnel, talking to slow minded-hand washing government employees, and airline luggage customer service officers. I am done opening the exhibit, communal gatherings, social exercises, wine inventory, printing price lists and invitations and hopping from one curious visitor to the next answering inquiries about the piece on the wall. Well, at least I am done for this month. Whew! Finally the week has ended. I can’t wait to discover what the following months have to offer.

Ahhhh… All’s well that ends well.

I have lots of topics listed on my steno pad, waiting to be blogged … But this is what I can post for now.

Stay tuned!


Herbs D. said...

cool. i wondeer whthis gallery looks like

jamie da vinci! said...

it was indeed a pleasure, mr. man. here's to more exhibits in the future!!!! :)

Angelo said...

Hey, congrats! 0=)

Luis Batchoy said...

Congratulations. When I'm in Manila, invite me to one of your exhibits too

The Green Man said...

@ Herbs D.: Vist us and see for your self :-D hehehe.

The Green Man said...

@ jamie da vinci! Hi Buddy. Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you in our upcoming openings :-D

The Green Man said...

@ Angelo: Thanks, Thanks

wanderingcommuter said...

same as jamie... it was a pleasure... i was actually very amazed on some of the pieces and the material the artist have used.

my favorite is the piece that looks like a mirror image of the other. but in a different color. sorry i forgot the title..

amazing show you guys had their.

The Green Man said...

@ wanderingcommuter: The piece is entitled "Brenda" both are printed on velvet materail.

I like it too but my personal fave is the Dutchman I & II (The big adjacently installed when you enter the gallery).

Thanks for visiting. I will see you and the gang soon.

palma tayona said...

aie! this is pretty interesting. i was blog-hopping and came across yours. as i read through this post i realized you were talking of schnabel's show at the MCG. was chitchatting with mr. valentine and commended him and the people behind it for hanging those prints on the gallery walls. gaheepers! one can even see that the artist originally tacked those huge prints on his wall. i couldn't imagine how, once bought, those huge prints would be framed and protected from the elements. wonderful show indeed.

personally, i preferred schnabel's older prints over the newer ones. they have more vibrance. hmmm, it's just my opinion.

The Green Man said...

@ palma tayona: I am glad you liked the display and appreciated the efforts behind the exhibit. That is very overwhelming for us.

Thank you. It's unfortunate we never got the chance to personally meet when you visited the JS opening.

We'll have our moments.

Take care Sir.