Friday, June 26, 2009

Tale of two guys

"People who had found the true meaning of life should not remain silent - though it may feel more comfortable to do so." ~ Michael Momot

A handsome young man is currently in a relationship with his nice guy partner. He has been a one man guy since he had his first emotional relationship. He broke up with his last BF and after a month met his current nice guy partner. They went into a serious relationship. But the handsome young man felt that he’s been so serious in every relationship he’s been with, one after another, that he wanted to know how it feels like being single and would like to try sleeping with different guys. He tagged this as a commitment issue.

He told his nice guy of a partner about this and asked him is it’s alright for them to cool it off for a while until he has experienced being single and do the things he feel he still wanted to do. Of course, his nice guy partner did not like the idea for fear of not having his handsome young man return to him. So the nice guy partner did not agree and they continued their relationship. Nevertheless, the handsome young man assured his nice guy partner that he loves him and does not want to lose him. He continued to comfort his nice guy partner that he feel the it’s just a phase the will pass sooner or later.

A couple of weeks passed and the handsome young man still had his commitment issues and kept convincing his nice guy partner to agree with his idea. The nice guy partner kept saying no to the proposition. Sometimes the handsome young man did not like the nice guy’s disapproval that he sometimes gives the nice guy the cold treatment whilst the nice guy partner kept up with it trying to understand his partner's situation.

One day, the handsome young man told the nice guy that he needed to tell him something important. Excited and concerned, the nice guy asked what it was. The handsome young man started talking about how he had commitment issues and how he wanted to experience singularity and try sleeping with other guys. The nice guy, baffled and confused, continued to listen.

After a long prologue, the handsome young guy confessed that he slept with another guy but assured the nice guy partner that he did not get aroused and that he did not liked the experience. He said that after that encounter, he discovered that he can’t afford to sleep with other guys unless he is in-love with them. He affirmed that that experience helped him resolve his commitment issues and brought him to realize how much he loved his nice guy partner.


Was it infidelity or a process of realization?


Aris said...

para sa akin, huwag makipag-relasyon kung hindi pa ready. kasi kung nasa relasyon ka na at nakipag-sex ka sa iba, pagtataksil iyon. kapag sinabi niya sa akin na mas napatunayan niyang mahal niya ako kasi nakipag-sex siya sa iba, mahihirapan akong maniwala at palagi na akong may duda sa katapatan niya.

The Green Man said...

@ Aris: Maganda ang punto de bista ng sinabi mo. Totoo na nagkakaroon nga ng trust issues sa ganoong pangyayari.

Turismoboi said...

infidelity! period!

kuya thed said...

hmmm.. its a WOW.. experiences let us realized for something we have curious for.. nice stoRy

MakMak said...

The end does not justify the means.

It's good that he came to that realization but he still cheated on his partner. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Him, being honest and upfront about it, should count for something but nevertheless, he should be ready for the repercussions.

The Green Man said...

@ Turismoboi: Ohhh! Strong! but nevertheless still counts :-)

The Green Man said...

@ kuya thed: Sometimes experience teaches us lessons we never imagined we'd learn in this lifetime :-D

The Green Man said...

@ MakMak: Tama ka rin jan. Kaya ako when posted a question or situation... I would always answer "it depends"...unless of course I am EXTREMELY definite it's a yes or a no.

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i agree with makmak. the boy had no business going into a relationship if he had issues like that pala. hehe i think these days (and i'm sure maraming magrereact) infidelity and homosexuality have become almost synonymous. it's sad because i don't know (personally, at least) any gay couples na talagang naglalast. i have this friend na was happily in love for five years with this guy. after six years, naghiwalay din sila. infidelity din. i dunno...

wanderingcommuter said...

its infidelity... regardless what the goals may be, kapag hidni naman nag agree yung partner then it is infidelity. tama si makmak, the ends don't justify the means!!

Angelo said...

"Was it infidelity or a process of realization?"

I think it was both. It was a process of realization that used infidelity as a means of reaching the realization.

It wasn't the perfect method, obviously, since people were hurt.

Pero at this particular moment, ano ba ang importante kay handsome young man? Handa ba siyang harapin ang resulta ng mga aksiyon at desisyon niya?


xtian1978ii said...

You already know the answer but so afraid to accept it. Pity, but I guess ganun talaga. nagbubulagbulagan lang tayo kase ayaw natin mag let go.
tapos paikot-ikot na yan at in the end kaw pa ang magiging kontrabida.
sana it won't happen to you and marealize mo na hindi pa time nyo dalawa to be together.
give yourselves time.
sorry ha pero ito ung view ko.