Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jesus Let Us Come To Know You

It’s an intoxicating day today at work and all of us here are so harassed by what needs to be finished before the weekend. Importing artworks, talking to National Museum staff, following up with the broker... rushing the framer, etc... sigh...

I took a late lunch break around 3:00PM and sat outside the foyer after. I needed to relax my nerves. I turned on my mobile phone’s music player and listened to an Cannon in D inspired, A Capella, gospel song.

While listening to the music and melody, I got a comforting feeling knowing that, even though things are worrisome at times, there is still a higher, more powerful entity governing us all.

I am not superbly religious, but nature, circumstances and practically everything around me show proof that everything start small and grow wonderfully big… and there is an energy fueling all these… that’s what I am talking about. That “something” unseen yet powerfully present.

So I listened to my mobile phone and sang in my head… sort of a prayer. I felt a little better.

(by Michael Card)

Jesus, let us come to know you;
Let us see You face to face.
Touch us, hold us, use us, mold us;
Only let us live in You.

Jesus, draw us ever nearer;
Hold us in your loving arms.
Wrap us in your gentle presence.

Before the day ended, my Malaysian boss told me that I did a good job. I did great today... He noticed that despite the pressure, I remained calm. He said that's a good thing. I felt glad. I knew I was blessed.


keb said...

Cool. Sometimes we really need to rejuvenate and feel the presence of God. We may even forget him, but he surely doesn't, that is why welcome tayo sa puso nya anytime na mag balik luob tau. Happy to hear you better dude!

The Green Man said...

@ keb: Thanks for the insight keb :-D Totoo yan... Like I said, I am not religious but I acknowledge the presence of a higher being. :-D

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i think i heard this song once na. maybe in church. maybe not.

i love the pachelbel canon in d. naalala ko yung movie na the classic.

congrats on doing a good job at work.

word verification: coaping. aren't we all?

POPOY said...

aminin man natin or not sometimes we seldom forget god, naalala lang natin siya bec. may problema ryt...

leave all ur worries to GOD...
stay strong...

im one of your friends now! :)

Anonymous said...

Often times, God surprises us when we least expect it.

God is good. :)

The Green Man said...

@ cb :: 林偉文: It's actually used in the Korean version of "My Sassy Girl" I loved Canon in D since grade school... it's gives me this amazing, comforting feeling :-D

The Green Man said...

@ POPOY: Guilty as charged! Nakakguilty no? Pero kadalasan i feel his pressence pag magis lang ako when everything around me is quiet. Does that ever happen to you?

Thanks for considering me a friend. I sincerely appreciate that.

Keep in touch :-D

The Green Man said...

@ Rej: God is indeed good. He even gave me friends like you and everyone here.

I feel so happy :-D

Angelo said...

Reading the words "artwork, National Museum, framer, broker" got me wondering what field you're in. =)

The arts I suppose? I'm envious.

Happy to know the music lifted your mood.

And I'm sure the Big Guy up there is happy, too.


The Green Man said...

@ Angelo: You got that right. But I don't want to give myself away to much :-D Hehehe.


Yey I'm here na ulit. been busy eh.

Superb ang pachelbel canon in d.

Secondly, My Sassy Girl is Amazing.

Ultimately, Jesus all the way.

Now, im getting more curious about your arts, :)

The Green Man said...

@ ACRYLIQUE: Will you be able to make it tomorrow if I invite you to the opening of our exhibit? It's by an American Painter/ Filmmaker. I don't want to advertise here since I would still want to stay somehow private.

Will you be able to message me through email or something?

RainB said...

Love it. I hope you don't mind if I feature this in my blog. It's gonna be good. hehehhee besides, i know you love me, so what can you do..


and no joke, i miss you dude.

The Green Man said...

@ Rain: Feature what? You mean the exhibit? sure... just make sure I get credit for it hahahah and milage! Jusk kidding. You certainly can :-D

Missed you too :-D


Let me see. Tomorrow i will go to a Toy Convention. So i might not be able to attend the exhibit's opening tomorrow.

And it is much better if you're there so i will be able to meet you as well as the other bloggers. :)

Surely, i will keep in touch. :)

Veronica said...

i got your email and went to the link however, it keeps going out. From what I can see WOW!!!!!!!

Angelo said...

Haha! =) Was just wondering. I've always had an affinity toward the arts. I dunno if it's because I have a Dad who paints (I remember as a kid seeing him work late nights in his room with classical music in the air).

This is going to sound weird but I get excited over seeing up close the works of fave artists. When I visited a boss's house years ago, I went gaga over her Anita Magsaysay-Ho. Hehe!

Anyway, I envy you for being in that field. I'm kicking myself for not considering a career there. I can picture myself restoring the artworks of the masters. Hehehe!