Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A different look

There have been some good changes in my life recently. Together with this, I’ve decided to experiment on how I like my blog to look like.

Back then, I never liked blogging because I felt I don’t have the aptitude in writing and I thought I was too disoriented to compose my thoughts and document them. But when I started into this wonderful world of blogging, I become conscious how therapeutic writing is, I realized I am actually capable of composing my insights, and the best part was I gained new friends. So I came to a resolution that I might as well go on with this habit.

I am not changing the topics I post nor limit my self with specific genre of things to put here… I am merely shifting the feel of my page :-D I made a new banner and used another template for my page. I will be using this for the meantime until I’ve finalize a better one to use as a flag for my post.

I am open to suggestions… so bring it on.

Oh, and I really need HELP on putting an image in the background :-D


Angelo said...

Hey, hey. Liking your new banner very much.

And since you did say to give some suggestions... hehe...

You may want to change the background to a more solid color or something with subtle texture to complement the bold colors of the banner?

The current one, though nice and with a lot of character, kind of drowns out the text.

Check out this site - http://colorschemedesigner.com/ Love it super.

Anyway, whatever you decide on your design, people really come here to read your thoughts so whatever the blog design, people will come (hopefully) to continue reading. I doubt that you'll make something that's super straining to the eyes.

Okay, I'm starting to babble. Sorry. Haha! =)

The Green Man said...

Hi Angelo :-D

Thank so much for the suggestion... actually I am in the process of figuring out how I am able to incorporate the background I made in the current template I have.

Ang hirap! hehehe do you know stuff about html or rss? I already made a background but don't know how to put it on.

Angelo said...

Heya, the new color is nice, ah. And I know the new banner rocks but there's still something about the "yellow." It's just TOO yellow. I dunno. It's probably just me. Hehe! Please ignore me.

Anyway, you said that this is still in the revision phase, right? Can't wait to see the new one.

I'm a bit familiar with html. RSS? Or do you mean CSS? I heard it's pretty easy. I'm just too lazy to read up on it. You may want to visit this site - http://www.csszengarden.com/.


HOMER said...

nice template!! :)


Well, it is better than the first one. it's more organized.
For me, the yellow is ok. the contrast is fine. :)

keb said...

Whoa! What can I say? Now it looks very professional and clean. Really nice and readers would love this more! I'm sure this change is really good. Great! Wishing you more success dude! Have a great day!

E said...

:-) la lang...banner rulez! background color sux (im color blind, I don't see any color just white) See you soon biyatch! We're going to gossip girl party :-D

The Green Man said...

@ ACRYLIQUE: Thanks buddy. I am glad you liked it :-D

The Green Man said...

@ keb: Thanks kebs :-D I like this more kasi it looks cleaner :-)

The Green Man said...

@ E: F*@K Y*O! Hahahaha! Ineffort ko and banner na yan at nagkanda duling ako sa pagbabasa how to edit HTML to put and image in the background pero walang silbi and mahabang oras ng pagbabasa. Kaya pag pasendyahan mo na and solid background color ng page ko.

Linntek ka! problemahin ko pa ba na color blind ka? wahahahah!!!

Miss you friend. Labas naman tayo.

By the way, and laki ng pinagbago ni "R"

enJAYneer said...

cool design... :)
see u around bro..

JAYtography: An Online Travelogue

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i like the new banner too. as for an image in the background, my blog used to have one of those. i can look for the code if you want me to but im pretty sure there are tons of codes available online. :D lemme know if you need it.

Aris said...

love the colors. refreshing. :)

cb :: 林偉文 said...

hey.. couldn't find the old code i used. i used it eons ago kasi eh but i was able to find this article.. i think this is what you're looking for.