Saturday, January 30, 2010

HIV, the call center industry & a talking steriotype

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I was a t work and I wasn't able to see the report on HIV that was aired last January 27, 2010.

The report was delivered in Filipino. Here are some of the content of the story:

Reporter: “Maagang pagkamulat sa internet sabi ng sociologist na si Josephine Aguilar Placido (Univesity of the Santo Tomas). Ito ang pangunahing dahilan bakit pabata na ng pabata and nakikkipag sex. Hindi raw nakakatulong na madali nang maaccess and mga pornographic website.”

Placido: “ang bata, ididiscover nya ang lahat kung ano meron ang computer”

Reporter : “Ayon kay placido, maari ring sisihin ditto ang malalaswang panoorin sa telebisyon at pagrebelde ng tao sa problema sa pamilya. Malapit din sa tukso ang mga nasa call center kung saan ang mga empliyado ay mula high school hanggang college., dahil na rin sa oras ng trabaho.”

Placido: “yung oras ng pagtatrabaho nila ay amalapit sa kung ano mang gusto nilang gawin… na you know.. malapit sa tukso. Bonding moments mo yan sa pamilya mo pero asan ka? Nagtatrabaho ka e. Wala ka sa pamilya mo.”

Reporter : “Paalala pa ni Placido na ang sex ay kinakailangang gawin sa tamang panahon at edad.”

Reporter : “Sa huli ayon pa sa mga experto, pinakamabisa pa ring paigtingin ng mga magulang and pagtuturo ng tamang pagpapahalaga o values sa kanilang mga anak lalo na sa mga kabataan ngayun. Dahil ito ang mga sisilbing pundasyon para makaiwas sila sa ano mang tukso sa kapaligiran.”

I wonder why it is so easy for people to point a finger onto who is at fault, rather than find a constructive way of dealing the issue and finding resolutions.

I was aghast how lacking the information they presented and how they pinpointed the internet, television programs and family as being available or lacking on something which causes the HIV/ AIDS victims getting younger (please forgive me for using the word “victim” for lack of better term).

It’s true that internet and family are some of the factors affecting a person’s drive to discover stuff about sex and everything associated with it. But I feel that the lack of information and proper education is the main cause why people do silly and stupid things… things like engaging in sex at an early stage.

Everything around us, including humanity is evolving. And together with that evolution is the craving for knowledge. Taking this in consideration, I should take my hat off to give a kudos to the internet technology for addressing this desire for knowledge. Not everything in the internet is neurally healthy. Nevertheless, internet is effective in information dissimination and peoples should learn to maximize it. Check this link,, as a proof how internet affect HIV prevention.

Television share the same acknowledgment from me. Family on the other hand should not be blamed as far this issue is concerned. I have seen people from different kind of family back ground and one differ from the other in so many ways regard less of the similarity of their family values. I came from a conservative family with a good and strong foundation as far as values are concerned… yet I am living with HIV.

Now let’s go the call center agents. Placido said that call center agents are prone to temptations because they work during the evening. Is she even thinking before coming out with what she just said? Call center agents are not the only one working during the evening. Police officers, Doctors, Nurses, Reporters, advertising employees, 24 hour convenient store staff, public transportation drivers, hotel employees… the list goes on and on. Why pinpoint the call center industry. Sigh… now she just put a dent on her credibility as a thinking doctor.

Lastly, they forgot to mention that our educational system lack capacity to educate young minds as far as reproductive health and sex education is concerned. Stop blaming other sectors and start putting up a good foundation in our educational system. If only someone taught me about sex and copulation back in school and showed me how to properly use a condom, I would have not experimented and discovered it by my self. I would have not turned out to be HIV positive.

Family, education and technology work hand in hand. One cannot work efficiently and effectively in the absence of the other/s.


Trese said...

Philippine Media, sad to say, lacks good research - print or in television. Even how they portray pozies in films.

BPO (Call centers) in correlation with HIV pozies and those who has STIs, statistically, is of a higher percentage. However, people must understand that the population surveyed were mostly people working in the BPO industry. This is biased statistics. I should know, I have 9 major units in statistic serious and probabilities. LOL. But seriously...

Another factor that people must be aware of is that currently, in our country, we are capitalizing on BPO /Call centers. It is where majority of the Filipino's work and get a decent pay. If we survey the people having HIV in the working classes, of course, huge numbers will possibly pile up in big industries = BPO.

It is but unfair to generalize call center agents. It is unfair to generalize. PERIOD.

People should really need to do better research. And as for Placido... i think her research is of but textbook cases and quick stats.

The Green Man said...

Hi Trese,

On the contrary, we actually have good media researchers. It's how they present it that's not very palatable.

I told the interviewer that it is unfair for the BPO to be tagged as such and that they have to be careful with what they report. If they want juice... better if they sqeez it out of an orange fruit. LOL.

And this Placido lady... I don't know how many lobes of brains she has. She is not helping in anyway.

Bryan Anthony said...

i hate to steer away from the topic...but the poor lass needs to see a better hair stylist... seriously!

Anonymous said...

I would like to affirm that it is so typical of/for us to point fingers rather than finding the means to solve an issue/problem. And yes it is so Not fair to generalize. However there could be some truth to the report. I used to work in one of the major call centers in the country. And i know of some employees that practice promiscuity. I have learned that there are even some who engage in orgies and pot sessions. I don't know why such actions are prevalent in the industry. I may need to do further research and studies to explain such. But it is happening. And with the quote and quote promiscuity of call center agents, then it is inevitable that there will be a surge in numbers of those affected by HIV's. As they say when there's smoke , there's fire.

The Green Man said...

Hi Anonymous,

I understand where you’re coming from as I’ve also worked in the call center for a good number of years, working my way up from agent level to managerial status.

At one point or another, there is always truth in all ideas. I just want to make it clear that promiscuity, unconventional sexual practices, (illegal) drug use, etc. exist everywhere.

It’s good that you are there to stand witness of the activities of your co-employees, but they learned all these practices not because they work in a call center. I am expecting that since you work in the same industry, you would do your part supporting the best interests of your community; in the same manner you are protecting the best of your personal interests.

Do not commit the same mistake others did by washing their dirty laundry in public.

We look forward to your support in the fight against HIV.

Let’s keep the fire of hope and the love burning.