Saturday, January 16, 2010

oPOZsite attracts

I always want to do what is good and right and wished so hard that people would see my good example. I live by example, hoping that people would do the same and make the community we live in a safe, healthy and better environment for everyone.

But people remember past mistakes. Even the ones that has expired and already lost its relevance. Most often than not, people find it hard to move on and the expired incidents always remain a factor in their future judgements towards people and situation. And yes, they still cling even to those that has expired and already lost its relevance.

I am part of this Poz group that is being established that aims to help unify all the other Poz support groups and bridge the gaps. Majority of the support groups are very supportive, but there are those who oppose for different reasons.

The differing group are literally “positive” but exude a very negative outlook. Some have issues with other members, others have personal issues and some, a number is simply reacting because of lack of information and knowledge and of course, there are those who cling to the out dated, immaterial matters.

I’d like to go into details about this but my emotions are getting in the way. Nevertheless, I am hoping that I thing will turn out alright… it always does.

For now, I am banking on positive thinking and my untainted aspiration.

As the text message I received this morning said: “Positive thinkers see the invisible, touch the intangible and achieve the impossible."

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a46479 said...

i was surprised and saddened when i heard about that group. did they change their mind yet?