Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tale of two guys - Conversation over SMS

HERMAN: (5:04 am) L hav a long day 2day and a cmfortble shrt wud b perfect. That red shrt feels very cmfortable 4me,tapos ayaw mo ipahram. Now m wearing a shrt not so comfortable and L b wearing ths the rest of the day.

ROBERT: (4:59) bahala ka mabadtrip. U don’t trust me.

HERMAN: (5:08 am) I trust u babes. Mejo nagmamadali lang ako. Pasensya na. I Love u. (smiley)

ROBERT: (5:03 am) ok. take care. honestly you won’t feel comfortable in that shirt. 1. its Kevin’s fave. i feel nega wearing it at impt situations. 2. its not cotton, mainit. 3. may amoy sya kahit konting mapawisan ka. so sorry. sometimes u jst hve to trust me.

ROBERT: 5:05 am) i hope there will come a day i wont have to explain everything so much (coz i know I have the right not to) w/o making u mad. u just have to trust me.

HERMAN: (5:19 am) I trust u. I dont know lots of stif like thngs frm d past that m nt part of, like the history of that shrt so u hav 2 let me knw. Let me knw once and L remember it for gud. Dnt wory, i remember all our shared experiences so time wil come na u dnt hav to explain to me. I love u babes.

ROBERT: (5:06 am) take care. ok? i care for you.

HERMAN: (5:22 am) Thanx.

ROBERT: (5:13 am) ok. good luck.

ROBERT: (5:34 am) we need to keep distant from each other if we want us to make it thru. pls. i hope you remember that i made it clear to u why I moved out of my old place and started anew.

HERMAN: (5:46 am) I remember clearly. I was just n a hury kanina. What d u exactly mean by “distant”?

ROBERT: (5:40 am) basta “space”. honestly this has nothing to do with you kanina. i am suppose to txt you that yesterday. i remembered to to txt it to u jst nw.

HERMAN: (5:49 am) Space… sure. (smiley)

HERMAN: (5:51 am) Basta u promise 2 make gud use of that space to over come some of d issues na kontrolado mo. M at the gallery na. start of my long day na. Haay… I love u.

ROBERT: (5:45 am) ok. thanks. pero I think that will involve u not staying at “our” place…cge sorry to bother u. i hope i am not giving you a hard time.

HERMAN: (5:53 am) Ur asking me to move out?

HERMAN: (5:55 am) when you go home to the province, isn’t that more than enough space?

ROBERT: (5:49 am) i guess not. im sorry I have to put you thru all this mess. i just need a sanctuary. away from my family. Away from anyone else.

HERMAN: (5:58 am) Are u asking me to move out? Pano set up natin, like meeting and stuff?

HERMAN: (6:00 am – me calling you via land line) Pls answer d phone. I need 2 at least resolve ths and nt think of it the whole day.


(had an intense discussion over the phone)


HERMAN: (6:21 am) I feel guilty, i feel bad. Wla pko gnagawa i feel tired already. I feel fuckd up and low. M sorry hindi ako mkapagisip ng matino ds morning. Mahal kita and thats an assurance. L do whatever makes u happy.

ROBERT: (6:13) stop sounding like a victim coz apparently u also have a part in this.

ROBERT: (6:15 am) alam mo if ur a victim, u r ur own murderer.

HERMAN: (6:23 am) I wnt to make thngs better. Pls let me knw what will make u feel ok.

ROBERT: (6:19am) nothing i know of. jst move on w/ ur day. Resume. and stop making excuses for urself. Not your fault, ok? stop also sounding like a victim coz it irritates me. if ur strong, learn to control and manage urself. take care. sorry for the bother.

ROBERT: (6:22am) Naiinis lang ako kasi mahusay ka in making me look bad. but apparently that just aggravate things. i may have problems w/ my life, but am not evil. i do not intend to hurt anybody.

HERMAN: (6:35 am) I don’t try 2 make u luk bad nor luk like the victim. I would understand y ud see it that way. Sory kung may nasabi akong hindi mo nagustuhan I jx say thngs based on how i see and feel. F mali ako just let me knw. I want to make things better, no pretence, all sincerity.

HERMAN: (6:36) Nainis ako sa sarili ko.Im in such a hury naiwan ko yung fliers.


(1 missed call)


ROBERT: (6:32 am) san ka pinakamalapit anytime? Ihatid ko jan.

ROBERT: (6:35 am) malakas ulan dito. jst tel me wher to drop ur thing off so u wont waste gas and time.

ROBERT: (6:43 am) sobrang lakas ulan dito. huwag ka na umuwi. Jst tell me where is the nearest point I can drop it off.

HERMAN: (6:51 am) Sorry i missed ur call. Super lakas dn ulan d2. Ok lng, pwede pa naman cguro ihabol bkas un flier. Dnt wory about it.

HERMAN: (6:56) Babes, sorry i upset u ths morning. I knw u dnt need me pero i trust you and believe that u love me. And for that, I am sincerely happy. Sna alam mo din na mahal kita. Pasensya na, hati kc un isip ko ths morning kc nga daming gagawin today.

ROBERT: (6:51 am) focus on your job.

HERMAN: (7:36 am) Babes, whats my assurance na pnapamove out mo lang ako, at hindi gusto mo makipaghiwalay sa akin? Kc ang fear ko s not moving out but takot ako nab aka gusto mo na akong hiwalayan.

HERMAN: (7:45 am) I Love You.

HERMAN: (7:56 am) Babes, i want u to knw that i love u. I feel like an idiot for not understanding ur needs. All I ever wanted s for you to be happy. I love you very much.

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