Friday, July 24, 2009

Tale of Two Guys - July 20, 2009 SMS conversation

Robert: ano gawa mo? so boring…

Robert: ako < --- emo sa barko.

Herman: bakit ka emo?

Robert: babe honestly, di ko pinagplanuhan na maging tayo. all i want is to be single para mas mabuti ko maayos buhay ko. but i hope we work this out…

Herman: I realy hope we could work this out. Sna wag ka mag give up. Huhu.

Robert: :-(

Herman: Huhu. That seems like theres a possibility ur gona give up on us ah.

Herman: Kausap ko nga un frnd ko asking for advice… Sabi nya wag mag give up. At least daw masasabing ive tried and did my best to work thngs out. Nalulungkot ako dun sa huli mong sinabi :-(

Herman: Nalulungkot ako kc m doing my best 2 better my self and make thngs better… tapos ikaw maggiveup ka lang. Nakaklungkot isipin yung ganun.

Robert: iniisip ko nga parang unfair ako e. :-( nalulungkot ako kac kaw ung tipong tao who dont dserve to be hurt.

Herman: M reading ur old txt. U said: babe, i miss u so much… ur smart, ur goodlookin, u got a hot bod, ur funny, ur sweet… am so lucky to have you… am scared coz now am really falling in love. i hope you wont break my heart, coz u knw ill nvr break yours! tc :-)

Robert: minsan naiisip ko we just met at d wrong time… :-(

Herman: There’s no other time. We were bound to meet when we met. Thnk of happy thots. I misd the way u used to check on me, say u miss me and how u always remind me n words that u love me.

Robert: :-(

Herman: Ang ironic, kc m doin all i can to assure u of my love… ikaw naman u wnt a single persons life, w/c makes me insecure. Hay… theres no perfect relationship naman. Irs always a 2way street and team effort. Stil, m hoping for d best.

Robert: feeling ko i need time to love myself and be selfish. sa tingin ko kac ive been to consecutive relationships, and am jst wanting time for myself. anyway, kahit ganon am still glad u r thre 4 me.

Herman: That’s a gud way to start loving urself. Bt don’t be too selfish ha? Question lang… So san ako lulugar in all of that?

Herman: Does that mean naka time deposite na ako?

Herman: feeling ko i need time to love myself and be selfish. – kung sakaling ganito nga? Wud it still mean na love mpa din ako? San ako dapat lumugar?

Robert: lets jst work this out. jst gve me enuf breathing space. :-)

Robert: Ok. Fair enough (smiley). Asahan ko yan ha?

Robert: yung gusto ko lang alam mo pinapasok mo kasi ayoko darating yung araw magtanim ka ng galit sakin in case mahurt kita.

Herman: I knw what m getting my self into. Bt don’t make it sound like thats a license 4u to hurt me.

Robert: i have no ryt to hurt u in anyway. we’re both jst as vulnerable to get hurt.

Herman: Thanx. That’s an assurance.


Anonymous said...

Yeap, don't let go without trying. But please do remember to also love yourself.

Though in the end, you have to respect what each wants. If he wants his freedom, then respect it. Ayaw mo nmn ipilit sarili mo diba? you have so much to offer, you deserve better.

Pero yun nga try to work things out first. (parang nicontradict ko lang sarili ko). haha.

Halika nga, hug kita sabay batok. Hug kasi kelangan mo, batukan din kita kasi ang martyr martyr mo. Pero kudos to your patience.

Just remember, in a relationship, more than just love, there has to be respect.

- your li'l bro

The Green Man said...

@ Anonymous (Li'l Bro): You are right indeed. I am taking your advise...

May hug nga wala naman g batok... buti nalang hihihi. Puro hug nalang, please :-D

"in a relationship, more than just love, there has to be respect." - I will keep this in mind.

Thanks. I sincerely appreciate everything.

Angelo said...

i hope you're well.


The Green Man said...

@ Angelo: I am good. Thanks for checking on me :-D I appreciate it :-D