Monday, November 16, 2009

I lost my mobile phone today

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I lost my phone in the gym today. Well… I didn’t really lose it since I know exactly where I last placed it. It was stolen, I should say.

I didn’t extremely feel sad since it’s just a phone but it’s just unfortunate that I had to lose it now that I don’t have enough money to buy a new phone. Additionally, I lost all of my contacts… most of which are friends, family and professional contacts. Sigh.

My birthday is coming (26th of November) and it's just swell that I had to lose my unit. I've been using that phone for a couple of years now and it's so efficient. It hasn't turned me down... not even once. Oh well, another time to move on.

So, if you’re one of my contacts, Please send me a message with your name and mobile (contact) number.


Who would be generous enough to give me a phone for my birthday? I won’t mind if it’s a second hand unit :-D


Herbs D. said...

gah. wish i were that rich. lemme be the first to greet ya an awesome happy birthday instead!

:) <3

citybuoy said...

oh no! that's awful! hope u get a new phone soon.

Mac Callister said...

wait mo lang parating na yun phone na bigay ko!LOL

it really sucks nga nangyari na sakin yan I had to start over again obtaining contacts

red the mod said...

I'm sorry to here this.

E said...

friend pafpi/pinoyplus ka na? LOL joke!!

Happy Advance Birthday in advance

The Green Man said...

Hi guys. Thanks for the empathy. I will get a new phone soon (unless someone send me a new phone as a bday gift) hihihi.

@ E: Hindi no! but i'd love to meet them though :-D so if there are people from Pinoy+ and PAFPI out there reading my blogs... I hope you'd be accomodating when I visit you guys :-) ang mangisnab pangit! hihihi.

dabo said...

like red.. im sorry to hear you lost your phone..

sencia na di ka namin mabibigyan ng bago.

Anonymous said...

aaw, too bad. hope you get a new phone soon.

Ming Meows said...

how bout asking help from the gym attendants. kahit sim lang kasi mahirap mawalan ng mga contacts.

happy bday! another good year ahead!