Monday, November 9, 2009


The Manila Social Hygiene Clinic in Partnership with the UNICEF and the Global Fund Round 6 is once again announcing the availability of the RT Kits, or the Rapid Testing Kits which show results in as quick as 10mins. The RT kits is 99% accurate and is as reliable as the ELISA or the Serodia test. The good thing about this RT is, it’s quicker as compared to the latter two tests.

If the result from the RT comes out positive, an extraction of the whole blood sample will be requested from the patient and shall then be submitted for confirmation to SACCL (San Lazaro Hospital). The sample will then undergo 3 tests, ELISA, Serodia and the Western Blot for confirmation.

The procedure will be the same, as the person will undergo HIV 101, pre-test counselling, extraction, post-test counselling and referral to treatment hub (if found out positive). Thus, the RT does not compromise the original design of Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing.

Curious about the confidentiality of the testing? Worry not, because the Philippine Law specifically the Republic Act 8504 or known as the Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998, states that:

"Article 1, SECTION 18. Anonymous HIV Testing -
The State shall provide a mechanism for anonymous HIV testing and shall guarantee anonymous HIV testing and shall guarantee anonymity and medical confidentiality in the conduct of such test.”

And is further assured in this portion...

SECTION 30. Medical Confidentiality -
All health professional, medical instructions, workers, employers, recruitment agencies, insurance companies, data encoders, and other custodians of any medical record, file, data, or test results as directed to strictly observe confidentiality in the handling of all medical information, particularly the identity and status of persons with HIV.

So if you guys are Interested on this Rapid Testing or if you have any questions or concerns... Please feel free to contact:


Focal Person

(Peer Educators of the Manila Social Hygiene Clinic)
Mobile Numbers: 09178222824 or 09237018405
Landline Numbers: 2119013

Kindly indicate your name so he could schedule you for testing. You may even use a codename if you wish.

The test is absolutely FREE, We are just waiting for you! Remember it's your decision since this is a voluntary testing.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this advertisement!

We hope to see you soon.

Be Tested. Be safe!

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