Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Responses to my letter

I don’t know what to feel. I am filled with different emotions.

After sending that “coming out” email to my Bosses… I was expecting the worst possible scenario, but of course being myself, I am very hopeful that everything would be well. True enough, everything turned out all right.

I realized that when you live a good life, show kindness, live by example and do the kind of things that comes from the heart… you will be blessed. Not in any matter but blessing you would never imagine you will receive. I am more than happy that my Bosses understood and accepted my condition, and I even gave them realizations of their own.

After this one, I don’t feel afraid as I used to about coming out. I hope somehow, other people living with HIV will find hope in my experience. Hope that everything will always be all right in the end.

Below are the responses I received from my Bosses.


Hi H,

Thank you for your brave email. I know it must have been gut-wrenching for you to write it and i appreciate your candor and concerns.

I will discuss this matter with our shareholders E and VC when I am next in Manila. So i hope you won't mind me copying this email to VC.




My Dearest H ,

Thank you for you brave letter. You have all my emotional support and if comes to that, material too. I hope you don’t feel bad emotionally, is the worse kind of suffering. From the world I come from is openly discuss and people help each other so any time you ant to talk to me I’m at your disposal.

I have been wanting to go to the MC but a very dear person to me has been found out with cancer and the doctors don’t know how long she has to live... I hope to see you next week I’m kind of down myself. Curiously enough I paint better when I’m in a low , so life has a wise way to compensate.

A hug




Been there and done that several times over....told you, am old lady...you have HIV, not AIDS....still a looong way to go. It answers a lot of questions that I had about you, though...

Spend time contemplating what your calling is, the art or the ministry....or both....For now; let us just walk the walk, together.

You make us realize that we should require a basic physical for all the employees....look into the programs....and get them ready for V and I to analyze when we return. Ask B to give you Med tech's info.

You'd be the best person to do this.

You have guts, H...Bravo!

Back next week.



E said...

curious ako sa letter...Congrats!

Angelo said...

congrats, congrats! :)

that was a really brave thing you did.

you're lucky to have the bosses you have.

take care.

The Green Man said...

Hi E. What about the letter you're curious?

Nice to see you last time. Thanks :-D

The Green Man said...

Hi Angelo. It was brave and scary. I am indeed lucky that my Bosses understood... If people are well informed and have seen what you can do, and what you will do for them... they will understand your predicament.

Thanks for the comment buddy. I hope we get the chance to meet in person :-)

xtian1978ii said...

The Green Man sometimes we are too scared of what the outcome might be, too often that we decide not to go through with it. So many what ifs that scared the hell out of us but keep us wondering what might been if we only go through with it.

You're so brave man. I applaud you for that. You openned up and outed yourself. Tama ka nga siguro if you do things from the heart and lead by example magiging maayos ang lahat.

The great thing that I sense in you is that you see the goodness in all despite of what you are going through. You have a good heart that's why you are blessed. Keep the faith. Wish you all the best.

Kane said...


You were brave. =) I am happy some things are turning out well. Hug.


The Green Man said...

@ xtian: You are so right. I was so anxious after I sent the email to my bosses. And the responses were overwhelming.

I try my best to be very hopeful and keep a positive disposition on things... and try to be a good person in every possible way I can. I still have my share of imperfections though. I've hurt a lot of people in the past and took some friendships for granted. I am still learning.

Live by example and help putting more hope in this world to make it a better place to live in.

The Green Man said...

Hi Kane: How have you been sweetheart? I think I've reached the river bank already. I didn't linger like I thought I would :-D

Well, i've always been planning to come out at work... but I also needed to do something grand after my ... you know that thing that both happened to us (LOL). This is the grandest I can think of. It helped me move on. I am very grateful.

I hope we could get together soon :-) Until then, take care.

Aris said...

i admire you so much for what you did and i share your happiness about the outcome. take care and god bless. *hugs* :)

Turismoboi said...

brave very brave

The Green Man said...

Hi Aris. Thanks for the support.. I sincerely appreciate it.

Take care. Stay tuned :-)

The Green Man said...

Hi Turismoboi. Most say it's a very brave gesture but I think otherwise. It came out more as a need for me. Both Psychological and emotional.

I am very happy that my superiors took it kindly and that they expressed their realizations after my coming out.

You see, experiences change people and usually the change is for the best :-D

Take care and stay tuned :-)