Friday, September 11, 2009

I noticed something that I did not see before

Whew! Few more days to go and I’m officially no longer connected with the Gallery. This is not a disclaimer; I am just looking forward to making my biggest leap this year.

Well I think it’s safe to say that I have moved on. I’ve made several major changes in the past and I always come out the same person, but wiser.

Through all the modifications I’ve made, I noticed something that I did not see before. When you make the needed alterations in your life… Three of the many things happen: 1.You meet new people in the process. 2. You lose some and 3. There are those who stay with you to witness the transformation. Lucky are those who stay with you to see the unfolding of a better person.

This is not the last of my revolution … I will definitely will have a few more. Some I already know, some are still yet to be discovered.

To all those who stayed with me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. To those whom I have met in the process, welcome to my world.


E said...

mabuhay ka! :-D infairness thats the 2nd time nag reinvent ka for this year LOL

The Green Man said...

@ E: Thanks E. Naku, you have to stay tuned kasi I still have a few to come :-D

I need this major changes or else baka mamatay na lang ako sa depression from not being able to move forward.

Thanks for staying with me all the way :-)Missed na kita.

red the mod said...

I've only met you once, for the Philips Go Gear event at Katipunan. But even though, I still am grateful I did. Wish I had the capacity and resources, as well as courage and maybe audacity to reinvent myself.

Godspeed sir.

The Green Man said...

Hi Red. We all have the courage, capacity and the resources to reinvent our selves... what most of of do not have is the "need".

You will be able to do so if you really want to. That's what I did :-)

xtian1978ii said...

good luck! wish you well.

The Green Man said...

@ xtian: Thanks for the well wish buddy :-)

Angelo said...

Hey, good luck. :)

Which gallery are you connected with? (or should this already be in past tense? Hehe!) Art gallery as in art gallery? Or a museum?

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I think I'm sort of an art fan.

I don't get to go to galleries as much as I want to though, which is kind saddening for me.

One of my favorites before was the Green Papaya when it was still in Sikatuna.

Alright, take care.


Angelo said...

New layout again?

Ey, I got your message. Thanks.

Should drop by one of these days. Ang nice ng the all-white space.


The Green Man said...

Hi Gelo: I need to renovate my blog layout to compliment the changes that i've been up to :-D

It's good that you liked the whiteness of the gallery. Sad, though, that I am leaving soon :-D

Take care and keep in touch.

Angelo said...

Hey, TGM. Parang everyday na ang change ng layout, ah. Hehe! :)

Change is good. Especially if it's good change. Haha! It sounds malabo but there's a point there somewhere. Hehe!

Yeah, the gallery looks really nice. Ang clean ng look, which I really, really like! :) (The website's great too. I like it that there's a stockroom section. I'm looking for small Kiko Escora pieces.)

Take care. Always have a smile on your face and bring the sunshine with you wherever you go.


Call Me Frog said...

Hey Green Man!

Why would I be worried about you being associated to me? My blog is explicitly a Poz blog, so there's no issue here methinks.

My blog template is TicTac, created by Dan Cederholm. It's near the bottom of the sample templates in the Pick New Template tab.

Thank you for the compliment. I would gladly return one - and there are many - but as you pointed out, as a typical Sagittarian, you do not appreciate praises, so I won't.

(I know, I still did, but what the hey.)

My gmail email: pleasecallmefrog. Keep in touch, Green Man.

The Green Man said...

Hi Gelo: I am trying to figure out what change I want for my blog... I just know I need to change it to compliment all the things I've made so far.

I update the website as often as I want. I need to update the artworks on the current exhibit.

Hope to see you soon buddy. Thanks for keeping in touch.

The Green Man said...

Hi Green frog: Thanks for clearing that out. I just want to make sure kasi I've met people who do not want to be associated with me now my blog. Hehehe but i don't mind.

I am at the "lounge" as I am responding to this comment. I am having my free Flu vaccine.

Hope to see you soon. Take care and stay tuned.