Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's your seduction style?

I took the test mainly out of curiosity... and that almost everyone on my list of blogger friends took it.

Some say it's not true... but I think otherwise. I know my self and I think the test did too.
I got friends to vouch for the accuracy of "seduction style" test results :-D Right E?

So what's your seduction style?

Gosh, I feel like a starfish. I have not been able to post any descent entries for a while. I've been on a roller coaster journey recently and I think I lost the content of my head during the ride :-D. I'll just gather my self and promise to stir something out of my brain.:-)
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Luis Batchoy said...

I know you'd be ok... this, too, shall pass

The Green Man said...

@ Luis: Natawa naman ako na dito kas sa "What is your seduction style" nag comment. LOL

POPOY said...

yeah we have the same seduction style hehehe...

maybe because we are good inside and out..

dino said...

would you believe i took the same test and got the same result as you had?waaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3