Sunday, December 13, 2009

MSM are the leading men

Hi friends and friends of freinds,

I am sharing and re-posting the 2009 IHBSS data presented by the Department of Health.

Fact is, HIV infections have increased by at least 400% among MSM in the Philippines. Hence, MSM are the leading men.!%20-%2011dec09.pdf



PinoyPoz said...

Hi Green,

Thanks for posting this. I took a quick look at it, and indeed it is comprehensive. But I need to point out that the study really only deals with MARPs - Most At-Risk Populations - which are composed of Female Sex Workers, Intravenous Drug Users, and Men who have Sex with Men... Straight men aren't part of it, wives aren't part of it, etc., etc... It should've been pointed out that the study doesn't cover the "general" population.

tim said...

Hey green, cool. We both have vision about our blog. to let the people to be aware, i am an advocate about Global warming.. this is cool, that you are open and aware and helping people to prevent this AIDS/ HIV.. thank you!

E said...

yeah browse through it mukang si Joshua lang gumawa sabaw english-mas grabe pa sakin kaya nakakapagduda tuloy LOL